turbo II Model 35 New Holland Engine Precleaner

Rugged performance in all environments: the turbo II Engine Precleaner. The original and best engine precleaner. Often copied, never replaced!

Suitable for the following New Holland Tractors:

7610, 7710, 8366, 836/PS, 846, 1156

To get the best performance and life from your engine clean air is essential. The turbo II Engine Precleaner is designed to perform in the toughest environments all day, every day.

  • Reduces engine wear and prolongs engine life
  • Maintains effective engine breathing for maximum power and efficiency
  • Extends engine air filter life by up to 10 times
  • Self powered
  • Self cleaning
  • Minimises costly down time
  • Easy to install in minutes
  • Tested to SAE J726 - Society of Automotive Standards
  • Manufactured from high-strength metal with a powdercoat finish

 turbo engine precleaner diagram

turbo II Engine Precleaner Model 35 Sizes

 Airflow Range
 Inlet Diameter Size 
Model 35 4.5" 250-300 7.1-9.9 4.5" 114
 Outside Diameter Height Weight 
Model 35 9.25 235 12.25 311 6.5 2.9