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turbo II Model 24 Precleaner

Rugged performance in all environments: the turbo II Engine Precleaner. The original and best engine precleaner. Often copied, never replaced!
Inlet Base Size

To get the best performance and life from your engine clean air is essential. The turbo II Engine Precleaner is designed to perform in the toughest environments all day, every day.

 turbo engine precleaner diagram

turbo II Engine Precleaner Model 24 Sizes

 Airflow Range
 Inlet Diameter Size 
Model 24 3" 100-250 2.8-7.1 3" 76
Model 24 4" 100-250 2.8-7.1 4" 102
 Outside Diameter Height Weight 
Model 24 8 203 11 279 5 2.3